The Hawaii Ki Federation was first established as the “Hawaii Ki Society” in early 1970. At the time it was made up of four major Ki Societies, each representing one of the major Hawaiian Islands; Kauai, Oahu, Big Island, and Maui. But during the 1990’s this original organization was formally disbanded. Then, in October 1998, Koichi Tohei Sensei asked Christopher Curtis Sensei if he would agree to establish a new Hawaii state-wide organization. It would be called the Hawaii Ki Federation, and Curtis Sensei would be the new Chief Instructor. It was agreed, and work began. Finally in January of 2000 the new Hawaii Ki Federation became a reality.

This organization is a federation of the member Ki Society dojos within the state of Hawaii. It has a Board of Directors made up of the Head Instructors from each member dojo, as well as HKF Senior Advisors. A group of officers is chosen every two years.

For the first time Hawaii now has a minimum of three regularly scheduled seminars each year, four Dan and Ki Testing opportunities, (conducted by Curtis Sensei), an official training manual, an official instructor handbook, and a detailed teaching criteria. The many Hawaii “old timers” have joined together with a host of new students to create a strong and positive Ki and Aikido training experience for all.