2011 HKF Omiki Seminar

Right click to download Part 1 Friday’s Meditation class on Whole Body Meditation: Part 1 – Whole Body Meditation

Right click to download Part 2 Omiki Seminar Q & C: Part 2 – Omiki Q & C

Click to download Part 1: Whole Body Meditation

Click to download Part 2: Omiki Seminar Q & C

The end of the year culminates in a final seminar that is used to celebrate the year of training. This is where Sensei pours saki for each student thanking them for their efforts in training as well as work supporting the dojo and organization. This is called Omiki.

Please enjoy this two part podcast wherein first you are able to hear the entire Friday nights class in its entirety. Curtis Sensei teaches whole body mediation and guides you through a five minute taste. the Second part is the normal Question and Comment that ends each seminar.

As always we look forward to your questions or comments.


The Moderator