2010 Taigi Seminar on Maui

2008 Taigi Winners

Dear Students, Head Instructors,

Once again we are looking forward to our annual Taigi Competition.  This year, as you know, it will be held on the island of Maui at the Shunshinkan Dojo.  I greatly hope that all dojo in HKF will give their utmost to participate, including under 18 division, adult, and group taigi. remember, everyone with rank of Yondan or below is eligible to participate.

In addition, this year marks that one year anniversary of Suzuki Sensei’s passing.  Appropriately we will be having a special “mystery unveiling” in the dojo, as well as an opportunity at the banquet for some personal reminiscences, including visits from Suzuki Sensei’s brother and son.

Please click here:  TAIGI SEMINAR FLYER to download the flyer for this seminar, which includes your registration form.

We look forward to seeing everyone this year on Maui!

Sincere Aloha,

Chris Curtis
Chief Instructor