Ch. 19 Shinpo Uchu Rei Kanno Soku Genjo

“…No trace of enlightenment remains, And this traceless enlightenment is continued forever”.

The above Calligraphy is a portion of the Genjo Koan by Taizan Maezumi Roshi.

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Ch. 19 Shinpo Uchu Rei Kanno Soku Genjo

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Recorded prior to Curtis Sensei leaving for World Camp. This will be the last Letting Go Class for 2010. Please download the 2011 schedule for the next class. If you RSS this site you will receive regular updates. Upcoming in the next few weeks there will be several transcripts and podcasts from Europe and Kansas Seminar. A Great Holiday gift or if you have yet to order your copy of Letting Go please download here “Letting Go” for your order form.

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