Suzuki Sensei, Tohei Sensei, Curtis Sensei


This new blog is intended be an open forum where students can contact me directly with questions regarding their personal training or Ki-Aikido in general.
More specifically, we would like to use this as an adjunct to the recent publishing of my latest book called “Letting Go.” With the idea of encouraging a deeper study of this text, as well as a way to discuss and inquire into aspects of the teaching offered here, we are initiating a once-per-month Friday night discussion class at the Maui Shunshinkan Dojo. Each month we will address a single chapter. (The exact dates for 2009 and corresponding chapters are listed below.) As soon as possible after each class, we will publish a pod cast and accompanying transcript on this blog, so that both those who attend the classes and those unable to attend will be able to participate and benefit more deeply. You will be able to print out the text for later study, and/or you can download the podcast onto a CD or your ipod for listening at your convenience.
My hope is that everyone will be inspired by this approach, and will make full use of it.
Let’s once again study together this year with an open heart.

Christopher Curtis

Discussion Class Schedule for 2009:
January 30, 2009 Chapter 1 – Universal Mind
February 27, 2009 Chapter 2 – Breathing as Living
March 27, 2009 Chapter 3 – Responsibility
April, 2009 No class – Holland and Germany Seminars
May 22, 2009 Chapter 4 – Shoga/Taiga
June 19, 2009 Chapter 5 – Five Stages of Training
July 31, 2009 Chapter 6 – Meditation Without Thinking
August 28, 2009 Chapter 7 – The Big Mistake
September 18, 2009 Chapter 8 – Meditation, Awareness, Easiness
October 30, 2009 Chapter 9 – Influence and Control
November 27, 2009 Chapter 10 – Acting